Be safe on the slopes - Your guide to the ski goggles


Plans for going skiing? It happens that buying ski goggles or professional glasses land last on your to-do list, sometimes it never reaches it. This is a mistake that can cost us dearly.

Why is it so important?

Are you aware that having bad eyesight and giving up on wearing glasses makes you risk your own health and the health of others?

Statistics don’t lie – many skiing and snowboarding accidents result from the lack of properly assorted glasses which protect the eyesight and ensure good visibility on the slope.

The worst thing to do when you have bad eyesight is to go skiing and think that somehow you’ll manage without goggles.

Attention! Four-eyes on the slope!

Many of us disregard the choice of proper glasses and as a result black eyes are among the souvenirs we bring from our holiday getaways.

Why does it happen?

Trendy metal sunglasses – not advised here. They don’t protect from glare, even if they have proper filters. In the mountains one should wear glasses with adequate shape and preferably go for the wrap style. Only those will protect from sharp sunlight from every possible direction. A good example of those are glasses recommended by GOPR employees and skiing goggles by GOGGLe with correction, polarized and photochromic lenses.

Four-eyed skiers often quit skiing glasses as they believe are not able to go without their every-day glasses. But, as it turns out, bad eyesight doesn’t eliminate professional equipment. One can shop for corrective inserts integrated with goggles.

Safe – what does it mean?

Pay attention to what the frame is made from – the best choice is the one made from grillamid (TR90) – flexible and break resistant material. Find out about what the lenses are built from. We recommend the ones built from polycarbonate or Trivex. Only those will be safe enough for adults and children, the latter should have the equipment chosen with extra care. Keeping the youngest in mind, we introduced to our offer professional skiing goggles for children called Nano Vista.